Antonio Redaelli
Founder and Sole Director

Born in Lecco the 20th of June 1952,  he got a degree in Mathematics at the Università Statale in Milan in 1978.

His business activity has been lasting for more than 35 years in computerized information systems, in clinical sanitary processes especially  in running Analysis Laboratories.

He has always been employed in high level posts,  Technical Directorate at Gisettanta company and at Olivetti health care Department, Sales Director at Metafora Informatica company that he founded in 1994 and he run as Managing Director until the merge with Dedalus group.

In that company he had the role of Sales Manager in Mid-North region and Director General in Lombardy region.

The idea to found SMARTPATH arose enhanced  by his deep knowledge of diagnostic services in Italy, both in their excellencies and in their organization problems.

Actually SMARTPATH is completing its own board of high profile pathologists in term of experience and specialization.

At the moment the page is under construction and it will be done as soon as all the contracts will be signed and the conventions implemented. Thus SmartPath will be fully operating in accordance with the model of cooperative diagnosis which is the basement of his project.

Maxim Untesco
Medical Director, Pathologist

Born in Orhei (Moldova) the 3rd October 1980 he attended his general medicine university studies (1998-2004) with a specialization in Pathologic Anatomy (2004-2007) in Moldova.

After working as a graduate teaching assistant in the chair of Pathologic Anatomy at Medicine and Pharmacy State University “Nicolae Testemitanu”, he continued his learning process in Italy with a scholarship  at Mario Negri Institute for Pharmacologic Research under the direction of Doctor Remuzzi (2008) and later at the department of Anatomy and Pathologic Histology, at Ospedali Riuniti di Bergamo, under the direction of Doctor Gianatti (2009-2012).

He obtained a degree in Medicine and Surgery  at Brescia University (2011) and later he obtained the specialization in Pathological Anatomy at Milan University (2016).

Ester Antelmi
Laboratory Chief, Biologist

Born in Ceglie Messapica (BR) the 10th of September 1983, she got a degree in Molecular and Cellular Biology at Bari University.

Later, at the same University she got the PhD in Physiology and Molecular and Cellular Biotechnologies with a doctoral thesis entitled ” The relation between  the expression of Ezrin protein phosphorilation and  breast invasive tumors processes in vivo and in vitro” that has been developed at Pathologic Anatomy Department of Milan National Tumors Institute.

Afterwards she had important professional experiences at Bari University Physiology Department, at IFOM in Milan, and at Pathologic Anatomy Department of Milan National Tumors Institute.

Joel Giaconia
IT Manager

Born in Orange (France) the 3rd of May 1962 he got in 1983 in Marseille the “Brevet Technicien Superieur Informatique” (A Superior Certificate in Computer science).

He has a deep knowledge  of computer science : programming, analysis and complex information system conception, this is the result of a long competence carried out successfully.

Since 2000 is highly specialized in healthcare information systems, working in leading companies in that sector like Datashop, Etnoteam, Sysline and Dedalus.

He was also responsible for coordinating projects at Lombardy Region (CRS-SISS).

Marina Yarygina
Consultant Pathologist

Under Construction

Sergio Fiaccavento
Consultant Pathologist

Nato a Brescia nel 1938 consegue la maturita’ classica nel 1957 e si laurea a pieni voti nel 1963 alla facolata’ di medicina della Universita’ Statale di Milano

Inizia la carriera come assistente presso il Servizio di Anatomia Patologica degli Spedali Civili di Brescia.

Successivamente ricopre il ruolo di aiuto presso il Servizio di Anatomia Patologica dell’Ospedale di Trento dove è anche responsabile del settore di Citodiagnostica.

Nel 1975 diventa primario presso il servizio di Anatomia Patologica dell’Ospedale  di Desenzano.

In seguito dirige i Servizi dell’Ospedale, della Poliambulanza e della Clinica Città di Brescia.

Ha collaborato alla stesura delle linee guida in Senologia sia nella commissione di studio per la diagnostica della FONCAM, sia nel MANOSMED

Ha svolto una importante attività didattica presso le Università di Milano, Brescia, Pavia, Verona, Roma ed Ancona.

Ha partecipato come relatore a più di 40 Congressi e vanta oltre 70 pubblicazioni.